Me at bolpure staion

It's me at station. Where we aboard in this station
We got feeling as a happy journey.
In this station we found lot of monkey what for me 
Never been seen earlier that monkey in station.
Monkeys don't afraid when man at their near and also man not afraid.
I shall show you.

Monkey at station
This monkey in front of me.Firstly I was timid to captured it.But when stayed for sometime then gently captured it.We afraid But monkey don't afraid.We gave it bit of bread.

Me at home feeling happy 
This photo captured front home.Where I stay for a day.There I found pleasure.Good for accommodation.After then in evening went to station for leaving.Perhaps I don't want to leave this place.Suppose We went to journey and got a beautiful places where full of mind cool and have a beautiful sight to room about.Happened in my life

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